Krčko maslinovo ulje (Krk Olive Oil) 10-30-10 is an extra virgin olive oil with a protected designation of origin. The oil is produced exclusively by mechanical processes from the olive tree fruit of indigenous varieties from traditionally grown olive groves. Produced by OPG David Mrakovčić.


Krk Olive Oil 10-30-10 is obtained  from the fruits of the autochthonous  olive varieties: Slatke (Plominke), Naške (Drobnice), Rosulje and Debele (Oblice). It is a harmonious oil with medium green fruitiness, medium bitterness and intense pungency.

The name 10-30-10 represents a symbolic numerical interpretation of values that determine and enable the production of high-quality oil. The first number marks the month of October when harvest begins and when picked olive fruit give the highest oil quality. The second number indicates the maximum average yield per tree that allows to obtain the desired oil quality. The third number is derived from the first two. It denotes the median quantity of the oil obtained in processing when we do an earlier harvest and we do not burden trees with too high yield. These are self-defined perfect measures for obtaining high quality oil.


The island of Krk is the most northern Croatian island, where the influence of the continent on the climatic conditions of the Mediterranean area is most prominent, and it is known that olives cultivated in such an environment provide high oleic acid and high polyphenol content.

These compounds give the olive oil its freshness and aroma, but also high nutritional value and oxidative stability, protecting them from deterioration. Low temperatures during the winter months, and even the appearance of snow, and high temperatures in summer, together with drought and depleted soil, cause the biological stress that olives respond to by creating secondary polyphenols, high-value components that give Krk olive oil a specifically pungent and bitter taste.

The interaction of ecological factors, autochthonous varieties, human factors and the tradition of olive growing and oil production have ultimately resulted in a product whose characteristics are unique for the whole of the island of Krk.

At the time of placing on the market, the product bearing the designation of origin "Krčko maslinovo ulje" must have the following physio-chemical and organoleptic properties determined by the methods prescribed by applicable regulations:

  • free fatty acids expressed as oleic acid: < 0,5%

  • peroxide number: <8 mmol 02/kg

  • K232: < 2,25

  • K270: < 0,20

SCENT: fresh olive fruit, fruit and leaf / grass (median < 1,0).

FLAVOR: a healthy and fresh fruit of olive, bitterness and pungency, in the following values: Bitterness: median < 2,0; Pungency: median < 2,0.

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Olives grow on terraced karst grounds with extremely skeletal soil. Soil preparation and olive pruning is carried out manually or with easily transferrable equipment. Fertilization is carried out in soil by adding olive pomace and foliar organic fertilizers. The pest protection is carried out in accordance with the rules of organic olive production.


In traditional olive groves maximum planting density is allowed up to 150 olive / ha, while designation of origin allows maximum density of up to 250 trees per hectare. Olives are picked directly from tree, most commonly manually. Occasionally easily transferrable machines and other tools can be used, ie nets or fabric where picked olives are falling.

Only mechanical and physical processes, washing, centrifuging, decanting and / or filtration may be used to extract "Krk olive oil". During the oil extraction process, no additives other than water are permitted and the temperature of the olive dough and oil during processing is less than 27°C. The olive processing must be done within 48 hours of harvesting. After processing, the oil must be stored in sealed containers made of material that is inert to the oil. The containers in which "Krk olive oil" is to be stored must be specially marked. The storage tank must be dry and airy, and the storage temperature must be between 12 and 20 degrees Celsius.



Olive oil is recognized as a nutritional and health-worthy agricultural product. It is an integral part of the Mediterranean diet, which UNESCO 2010 has included in the world list of protected intangible cultural heritage.

Participating in the Aristoil project whose primary goal is to increase the market competitiveness of extra virgin olive oil in the Mediterranean by applying innovative methods for determining the phenolic composition, we have confirmed the value of Krk Olive Oil 10-30-10 as a functional food that undoubtedly possesses a health effect on man. The analysis found up to 601 mg/kg of total phenols, and oils containing up to > 250 mg/kg were considered interesting because of their health aspect.

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OPG David Mrakovčić cultivate olives in 3 locations.

The basic olive grove Kravarica is 2.02 ha and predominant varieties are Plominka and Drobnica. The olive grove was abandoned in 1965 and until  2011, sheep were the only employees in olive grove maintenance. After completing the masters degree, David took over the family olive groves, renting the estate and starting with the cleaning of the vegetation and the regeneration of olive trees. The age of the olive tree is unknown, but it is known that the olives were harvested more than a hundred years ago because they were recorded in Austro-Hungarian cadastral maps. Olive grove is located at the coordinates: 45⁰1'22 "N and 14⁰32'3" E.

Rabasalj is located above the bay of the same name. Plominka prevails as the main variety, and far less represented are Rosulja and Drobnica. The olive grove planted David’s grandfather between the two world wars. It is located at coordinates: 45⁰1'16.56 "N and 14⁰31'26.40" E.

Olive grove Punta Groša is the oldest family olive grove. The dominant variety is Oblica while in the smaller number it is accompanied by Plominka and Rosulja. Olives are of unknown age. It is located at coordinates: 45⁰1'24.86 "N and 14⁰31'27.03" E.





500 mL = 80 kn
750 mL = 110 kn


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